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Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
ArtistBob Dylan
TitleThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Catalog #CL 1986
OriginFlag of the United States US
CD LabelFull Color Disc Label Full Color Disc Label
FidelityMonaural Recording Monaural Recording
Track #13
Runtime w/o TOC50:10.05
Runtime w/ TOC50:12.05
CDDB ID960bc20d
DetailsUS mono LP
1.Blowin' In The WindDylan[2:53]
2.Girl From The North CountryDylan[3:24]
3.Masters Of WarDylan[4:34]
4.Down The HighwayDylan[3:25]
5.Bob Dylan's BluesDylan[2:24]
6.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna FallDylan[6:51]
7.Don't Think Twice, It's All RightDylan[3:40]
8.Bob Dylan's DreamDylan[5:04]
9.Oxford TownDylan[1:51]
10.Talkin' World War III BluesDylan[6:28]
11.Corrina CorrinaTrad Arr. Dylan[2:48]
12.Honey, Just Allow Me One More ChanceDylan[2:02]
13.I Shall Be FreeDylan[4:48]
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