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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I
ArtistLed Zeppelin
TitleLed Zeppelin I
Catalog #SD 8216
OriginFlag of the United States US
CD LabelFull Color Disc Label Full Color Disc Label
FidelityStereo Recording Stereo Recording
Track #9
Runtime w/o TOC44:56.14
Runtime w/ TOC44:58.14
CDDB ID840a8809
DetailsUS stereo LP
1.Good Times Bad TimesPage-Jones-Bonham[2:48]
2.Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouBredon-Page-Plant[6:42]
3.You Shook MeDixon-Lenoir[6:28]
4.Dazed And ConfusedPage[6:28]
5.Your Time Is Gonna ComePage-Jones[4:35]
6.Black Mountain SidePage[2:12]
7.Communication BreakdownPage-Jones-Bonham[2:31]
8.I Can't Quit You BabyDixon[4:42]
9.How Many More TimesPage-Jones-Bonham[8:30]
Cover (Outside / Inside)
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