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George Martin And His Orchestra - George Martin And His Orchestra Play Help!
ArtistGeorge Martin And His Orchestra
TitleGeorge Martin And His Orchestra Play Help!
Catalog #UA 6448
OriginFlag of the United States US
CD LabelMonochrome Disc Label Monochrome Disc Label
FidelityStereo Recording Stereo Recording
Track #11
Runtime w/o TOC27:00.08
Runtime w/ TOC27:02.08
CDDB ID8b06540b
DetailsUS stereo LP
2.Another GirlLennon-McCartney[2:08]
3.You're Going To Lose That GirlLennon-McCartney[2:15]
4.I Need YouHarrison[2:50]
5.You've Got To Hide Your Love AwayLennon-McCartney[1:58]
6.The Night BeforeLennon-McCartney[2:28]
7.Ticket To RideLennon-McCartney[2:58]
8.Auntie Gin's ThemeLennon-McCartney[2:17]
9.That's A Nice Hat (Cap)Lennon-McCartney[2:37]
10.Tell Me What You SeeLennon-McCartney[2:42]
11.Scrambled EggLennon-McCartney[2:13]
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